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Tell us your requirements!

We can design a custome made system just for your company or you can choose from our standard solutions.

Do you want to . . . 

- have control over consumption

- be able to perform an extended check of the measured data

- be able to react immediately to extreme measurements and alarm events

- be prepared for new legislation

- be able to send data to energy operator

- be able to set up a DSO

What is ReadEn?

ReadEn is a software product for automated reading (AMR) of invoicing meters - electricity meters, water meters, gas meters, heat meters and more.
It serves as a universal reading tool, database of readings, registration of meters and their use in the distribution network. It reads, analyzes and evaluates the read data.


What makes ReadEn a completely unique solution?

  • ReadEn is an open system that supports meters from all manufacturers and all communication technologies in the field of Smart-metering

  • Supports all media (heat, water, gas, electricity, etc.)

  • It supports all used communication interfaces and protocols in the field of AMR

  • Supports measurement of all used types of registers (values), starting with numeric values, through time values, character values ​​to user-defined values

  • The versatility of the solution also lies in the possibility to export the measured data to other IS (accounting or internal company systems)

  • Supports remote reading, mobile reading (by walk/drive) as well as entering manual readings from reading books


Main advantages:

  • Elimination of energy reading errors and cost reduction

  • Readings automatically (at defined intervals) also on request

  • More frequent and detailed readings

  • Easier and faster invoicing

  • Early detection of disorders and anomalies, the ability to prevent them

  • Protection against illegal collection

  • Possibility of immediate response to events and conditions in the distribution network

  • Optimization of existing measurement, basis for a more accurate project of new measuring systems

  • Optimization of distribution network operation


ReadEn architecture
ReadEn uses a client-server architecture. It consists of 3 function blocks: ReadEn database, ReadEn server, ReadEn client application.


The server part of the system requires Windows or Linux, it is possible to use any virtual environment. Oracle, MSSQL or MySQL databases are supported.


ReadEn version
ReadEn is available in several user versions, allowing the ReadEn system to be used by a wide range of customers:

  • Lite version - Lite version - designed for small installations, runs on the customer's PC, max. 10,000 values / month

  • Professional version - designed for large installations, runs on the customer's server, the client application is available in the form of a thick and thin client

- Thick client - an application requiring installation on a client station. It offers complete functionality for system users at all levels. For administrators, for example, the ability to run and configure automatic tasks, monitor the current status of tasks, monitor the current status of the system (services) and so on. Any user with the appropriate authorization can make readings on demand at any time.

- Thin client - allows access to the program database via the web interface, but does not reach the full functionality of the thick client. It is designed according to the principles of Web Responsive Design so that it can be used on various devices with any OS and any display resolution.

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