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"Tailor-made solutions"

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Apartment buildings, Housing cooperatives

Are you trying to persuade a life-tired square with the help of pliers and prayers to let you into the corridor cabinet? Are you trying to read a hard-to-reach water meter located on the toilet of a large family with frenetic barking? Does it often happen to you that no one opens the door? With the ReadEn SW, you will have all the data available even without violating the privacy of the house's inhabitants.

Did a group of janitors bring you a stack of smudged papers covered with hieroglyphs? Do you spend the whole day transcribing them into a spreadsheet? Do you estimate the original meaning of illegible characters using advanced knowledge in the field of graphology or do you prefer a oracle sphere? Does the sum of the elevation of the secondary meters not correspond to the actual consumption? With ReadEn you will have a good night's sleep again.

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